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Local Births

The following birth notices were obtained from various Utah hospitals and appeared in the Deseret News on the above date. The actual date of each birth is given in each listing.

American Fork Hospital--CHATWIN, Heidi and Scott, Pleasant Grove, boy, May 26.

GINES, Terri and Craig, American Fork, boy, May 26.

HAMSON, Tresa and David, Lindon, girl, May 26.

HANSEN, Nicole and Rodney, Orem, boy, May 25.

MARSHALL, Angelinn and Brian, Provo, boy, May 25.

MORROW, Juliana and Brian, Lehi, girl, May 26.

O'VERY, Sabrina and David, American Fork, girl, May 25.

SMITH, Cheryl and David, American Fork, girl, May 25.

TADJE, Amie and Erik, Orem, boy, May 25.

TIMPSON, Jill and David, Alpine, girl, May 25.

VELEZ, Maite and Luis, Orem, boy, May 25.

WEESE, Ashlea, and ANDERSON, Joseph, American Fork, girl, May 26.

Columbia Ogden Regional Medical Center--

ALLEN, Dawn and Devin, Ogden, boy, June 1.

BADIYO, Trisha and Richard, Harrisville, girl, May 31.

BAILEY, Shyree, Ogden, girl, June 1.

BRADSBY, Carmen and Darren, Roy, girl, June 1.

CHASTON, Victoria and Wenn, Sunset, girl, June 1.

COREY, Jean and Nathan, Plain City, girl, May 31.

DAWSON, Courtney and Jeremy, Layton, boy, May 31.

EAST, Katherine and Curtis, Ogden, boy, June 2.

FLOYD, Natalie and Mark, Roy, boy, June 2.

HADLEY, Suzanne and Jonathan, Ogden, girl, June 1.

HOPKINS, Lynda and Michael, Ogden, girl, June 1.

KAMP, Barbara, Ogden, girl, May 30.

MARTINEZ, Lucresia and Homero, Ogden, girl, May 30.

MILLER, Marissa and James, Layton, girl, June 1.

MUSCATO, Angeline and James, Ogden, boy, June 2.

NAY, Trenaisa and Paul, Ogden, boy, June 2.

NUTT, Season and Christopher, Riverdale, girl, June 2.

POWERS, Denise and Cleve, Ogden, boy, May 30.

SAUNDERS, Angela and Mark, Roy, boy, May 31.

SUITER, Celeste and Jeremy, Layton, girl, June 1.

SULLIVAN, Tammy and Jeremy, Ogden, girl, May 24.

SWANER, Jodine and Sean, Ogden, boy, May 31.

THOMSEN, Bobbie Jo and Miles, Ogden, boy, June 1.

TITTENSOR, Veronica and Jack, Layton, girl, May 31.

VALDEZ, Toni and Dennis, Ogden, girl, May 30.

Columbia St. Mark's Hospital--

BARLOW, Julie, and MAYER, Jimmy, West Valley City, girl, June 7.

EDGEL, Christyn and Jesse, Stansbury Park, boy, June 7.

JONES, Mandi, and MORRILL, Kenneth, Sandy, girl, June 6.

KNAPTON, Marci and Cory, Salt Lake City, boy, June 6.

LUDWIG, Crystal and Jason, West Valley City, girl, June 7.

MATHIPHANNHA, Maniso and Souphong, West Jordan, boy, June 7.

MAYCOCK, Gail and Robert, Salt Lake City, girl, June 7.

SPENCER, Jennifer and Paul, West Jordan, boy, June 7.

UASILAA, Mary Ann and Samisoni, Salt Lake City, boy, June 6.

WARNER, Beverly and Douglas, Kearns, girl, June 7.

Jordan Valley Hospital--

DEXTER, Jennifer and Chris, Springville, boy, June 2.

GILES, Diana and Casey, Sandy, boy, June 2.

KINNEY, TaraLee and Jason, West Jordan, boy, June 2.

MOSER, Anna and Jason, West Jordan, girl, June 2.

PAYNE, Kimberly and Scott, South Jordan, girl, June 1.

PETERSON, Brianne and Ryan, West Jordan, boy, June 1.

POLEVOY, Mary Ann and Theodore, Sandy, boy, June 1.

REYNOLDS, Bonnie Raie and Bobbi, South Jordan, boy, June 1.

SORENSEN, Noelle and Jory, Salt Lake City, girl, June 1.

THATCHER, Larissa and Richard, South Jordan, girl, June 1.

WELSH, Meshelle and Courtlyn, Bountiful, boy, June 2.

Lakeview Hospital--

BRIMLEY, Mayra and Sterlin, Layton, boy, June 1.

BULLOCK, Amy and Ken, Bountiful, boy, June 1.

CARR, Melanie and Danny, Kaysville, boy, May 31.

CHRISTOPHERSON, Johanna and Anthony, Bountiful, girl, June 2.

HORNE, Tisha and Brian, Centerville, boy, June 3.

KOCHERHANS, Melinda and Steven, Bountiful, girl, May 28.

MARSHALL, Carolyn and Kris, Bountiful, girl, June 2.

McKEE, Sherilynne and Darin, Bountiful, girl, June 3.

ROGERS, Michelle and Ben, Bountiful, girl, May 29.

STARKEY, Kristine and Troy, Layton, boy, June 1.

VALLACE, Julie and Vance, Kaysville, girl, June 3.

WATSON, Rebecca and Ben, Layton, boy, May 29.

LDS Hospital--

HILL, Karly, Grantsville, boy, June 10.

HUNT, Teresa, Tooele, girl, June 10.

MAXFIELD, Gwenn and Nicholas, Mountain View, Wyo, boy, June 10.

ROSS, Lisa and Michael, Magna, girl, June 10.

SERIGHT, Karina, and PETERSON, Quinton, Roy, boy, June 10.

THOMSON, Cynthia and Mark, South Jordan, boy, June 10.

TORRES, Mayra, Salt Lake City, boy, June 10.

McKay-Dee Hospital--

BERTOCH, Tracy and James, Ogden, girl, June 7.

HINRICHS, Sherrie and Jeffrey, Park City, boy, June 7.

LOPAZ, Kellie and Daniel, Roy, boy, June 8.

MILLER, Sharlee, and SHERROD, Bruce, North Ogden, girl, June 8.

MILLS, Ronda and Nathaniel, Ogden, boy, June 8.

ROGERS, Carolee and Jason, Plain City, boy, June 8.

ROYLANCE, Tonya and Jerry, Ogden, girl, June 7.

SLACK, Sharon and Scott, North Ogden, boy, June 7.

SLOCUM, Gina, Ogden, twin boys, June 8.

SOMMERS, Stephanie, Roy, boy, June 7.

ZIMMERMAN, Helen and Douglas, Layton, boy, June 7.

Salt Lake Regional Medical Center--

ALMASSI, Katayoon and Kourosh, Sandy, boy, May 26.

BLEVINS, Stacy and Anthony, West Valley City, girl, May 22.

BRADY, Nicole and Bryan, Ogden, girl, May 28.

CALLISTER, Michelle and Paul, Grantsville, girl, May 23.

DEO, Malavika and Milind, Salt Lake City, girl, May 27.

FLETCHER, Shannen and Jeremy, Salt Lake City, girl, May 25.

GOLTRY, Victoria and Brian, Salt Lake City, boy, May 28.

HANSEN, Cathie and John, Tooele, boy, May 27.

HARAM, Angela and Christopher, Murray, boy, May 26.

HAYWARD, Leigh, and MORSE, Andrew, Salt Lake City, girl, May 22.

HOLMES, Ramona, Salt Lake City, boy, May 26.

JELITTO, Kimberly and Dirk, West Valley City, girl, May 29.

JOHNSON, Allison and Sydney, Salt Lake City, girl, May 28.

JONES, Jennifer and Kyle, Bountiful, boy, May 30.

JONES, Rita, Salt Lake City, boy, May 28.

KELL, Sharon and Travis, West Valley City, girl, May 25.

LASSETTER, Kristin and James, Salt Lake City, boy, May 26.

LEE, Laura, and MATSON, Christopher, Bountiful, girl, May 28.

MARTINEZ, Aracely, and TULE, Enrique, Salt Lake City, boy, May 25.

MASCARO, Tammy, and GONZALEZ, Salomon, Midvale, twins, boy and girl, May 28.

MELBY, Colette and Spencer, Salt Lake City, boy, May 23.

MENDOZA, Leticia, and SANCHEZ, Miguel, West Valley City, boy, May 27.

MILLER, Laura and Matthew, Kaysville, girl, May 24.

MITCHELL, Terri and Robert, Tooele, girl, May 31.

NAVARRO, Irene and Francisco, Wendover, girl, May 27.

OLIVAREZ, Angela, Salt Lake City, boy, May 22.

OLIVE, Lavinia and Ofa, Salt Lake City, boy, May 26.

PALMER, LeAnn and Lance, Bountiful, girl, May 29.

QUICKENDEN, Melanie, and BULLOCK, Cilfford, Tooele, girl, May 26.

RAWSON, Shelli and Bradley, South Jordan, boy, May 27.

RIEDEL, Vicki Jo and Terry, Bountiful, girl, May 25.

SUMMERS, Amie Jo and Russ, Taylorsville, girl, May 22.

WALKER, Romayne and Michael, Salt Lake City, boy, May 31.

Timpanogos Regional Hospital--

ATWOOD, Michele and Deloy, Orem, girl, May 18.

BACA, Krysten and Mark, Orem, girl, May 18.

BOOTHE, Amanda and Jason, Orem, boy, May 28.

COMER, Janene and Kyle, Lehi, boy, May 22.

CRAIG, Emily and Stephen, Provo, boy, May 25.

DAVIES, Laurie and Richard, Pleasant Grove, boy, May 21.

ELISON, Kimberly and Blake, American Fork, boy, May 27.

ETHINGTON, Celine and Adam, Orem, girl, May 28.

FRAMPTON, Allyson and Jon, Pleasant Grove, boy, May 21.

GALE, Suzanne and Jonathan, Orem, boy, May 28.

HATALA, Kristan and Michael, Orem, girl, May 28.

HESSING, Sarah and Kenneth, Pleasant Grove, girl, June 1.

JOHNSON, Kimberly and Anthony, Cedar Valley, boy, May 18.

KING, Ramie and Roland, Orem, girl, May 31.

KRUGER, Andrea and Derek, Lehi, girl, May 24.

LAYNE, Christy and Adam, Provo, girl, May 28.

LEAF, Ginger and Michael, Pleasant Grove, boy, May 25.

PATTERSON, Champaine and Lynn, Lehi, boy, May 18.

PEREZ, Maria and David, Orem, girl, May 19.

SCHULTZ, Tracy and Craig, Orem, girl, May 20.

SMART, Shannon and Jason, Tooele, girl, May 30.

SPIER, Pamela and Joe, American Fork, boy, May 25.

TANNER, Marie and Dustin, Provo, boy, May 31.

THOMPSON, Aimee and Justin, Murray, girl, May 28.

WAKLEY, Charity, and SMITH, Tyler, Lehi, twins, two boys, May 31.

WOLFORTS, Sonja and Brian, Lindon, girl, May 24.

YOUSEFI, Parvin, and YAZD, Ali, Lindon, boy, May 27.

Utah Valley Regional Medical Center--

ARELLANO, Saira and Ramon, Provo, boy, May 29.

AXELGARD, Amy and Jasen, Spanish Fork, boy, May 30.

BAKER, Kerry and Lloyd, Lindon, girl, May 29.

COLLETTE, Laura and Richard, Provo, boy, May 29.

DALLEY, Shannon and Travis, Orem, girl, May 30.

LAMBERT, Robin and Andrew, Provo, boy, May 29.

PATTERSON, Tonya and David, Provo, girl, May 30.

REYNOLDS, Jennica and Don, Provo, girl, May 29.

SCHELIN, Sarah and Justin, Orem, boy, May 30.

TADY, Christa and Paul, Provo, boy, May 29.

URBAN, Andrea and Matthew, Provo, girl, May 30.

VEST, Ann and Sam, Springville, boy, May 30.

WRIGHT, Tiffany and Douglas, American Fork, boy, May 30.