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Ogden shops owner accused of tax evasion

OGDEN (AP) -- The owner of four convenience stores has been charged with shorting the state on almost $400,000 in sales tax revenue.

David Sunny Umoh, 32, pleaded not guilty to 39 felony counts of tax evasion in 2nd District Court Friday. A preliminary hearing will be set at a June 22 scheduling conference before Judge Roger Dutson.The charges filed by the Utah Attorney General's Office allege Umoh filed fraudulent quarterly sales tax reports with the Utah State Tax Commission during 1993, 1994, 1995 and 1996.

Umoh allegedly collected $418,133 in sales tax at his four Shop Fast stores during those four years. Court documents say he only reported and paid $29,009 to the state.

"His expenditures included a new condominium, Jeep, Porsche, Ferrari and other personal items he paid for during the years in question . . . expenditures which would require more income than he reported," the complaint read.

It also said Umoh under-reported his income to the state in 1994 as $3,075 and $8,832 in 1995 and that he did not file a state income tax return in 1996.

Umoh and his attorney, Reed Lambert, could not be reached for comment.