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Midvale man to face charges of threatening public servant

A Midvale man has been charged with threatening a Salt Lake deputy district attorney in an effort to have his case dismissed from court.

Prosecutor Sirena Wissler was handling the afternoon court calendar of the Murray District Court on March 30 when the incident occurred. Judge Michael Burton asked Wissler to speak with the Midvale man to review his protective order violation case, according to the charges filed in 3rd District Court. The man was not represented by counsel."While meeting alone with (the) defendant in a conference room, the defendant used violent manner and/or speech to threaten and intimidate Wissler," the charges state. "The defendant took an aggressive stance and continued his threats against Wissler in an effort to get his case unlawfully dismissed."

The man, 39, was charged with interference with a public servant, a class B misdemeanor.