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Garfield phones get a 'messaging' upgrade

ESCALANTE, Garfield County -- Modern technology has long been dragging its feet in coming to rural southern Utah.

However, like the turtle in the story of the tortoise and the hare, it finally is arriving. And the latest move toward the finish line is in the telephone industry.South Central Communications has announced the addition of "messaging" features as part of an upgrade to the Escalante-based company's switching system. Some of the services have been around in metropolitan and some rural areas of Utah and now are available to more than 14,000 company customers.

Services include direct dialing, multiuser mailbox, broadcast messaging, group messaging, "operator revert," automatic call-back and Constant Touch, according to Keith Fullmer, marketing director.

"The addition of the new voice mail services is another step in accomplishing our company's goal," he said. Company officials "want to provide customers with reliable, quality phone service and with the most recent telecommunication services available."

Fullmer said subscribers were scheduled to be switched to the new system in early June.