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Take middle road in parks

OK, let's ban snowmobiles in National Parks. Also the automobiles; autos are like 1,000 to 1 (no I don't have the stats, just guessing like most people do) and I don't even own a sled, nor does my income come from those that do. More damage is done in the parks in summer months by people and automobiles than by snowmobilers in winter.

Just someone's pet peeve, wanting his or her own agenda(s). OK, now let's ban the horses. They mess up the trails, eat the flora and bring in and spread flies and ticks. Now you can walk in, ride a bicycle in, snowshoe in or fly in.Oops, let's ban air travel also; someone must have that on his or her agenda also. Maybe they will let me use my skateboard. NOT. Can't use them on roads. Hey, we don't need the roads anymore, so let's remove them. Now I can enjoy the park without any of you hypocrites bugging my family. Oops, my mother can't walk in. She has prosthetic knees and can't get around very well.

Wake up people, moderation of all types of access is a solution that we can and must live with or we will all be without.

Mike Peterson

Ririe, Idaho