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Grill hotline specialists

During a telephone interview, we "grilled" Carol Miller, supervisor for Weber Grill-Line (1-800-474-5568).

Weber's home economists who staff the hotline are asked a variety of grilling questions -- from how to light a charcoal fire to the proper gas setting to grill eggplant. Last year, they got 86,000 phone calls -- a record high for the free service, now in its sixth year.They report a rise in the popularity of grilled vegetables. The Weber Grill-Line got more calls about produce than burgers, seafood or ribs.

For a free 36-page BBQ booklet, call the Weber Grill-Line (1-800-474-5568) and ask for "Beyond Burgers." And while you're at it, ask that grilling question you've always wondered about. The staff is fun and friendly -- and ready to help make outdoor cooking easier for you.