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Hundreds of infiltrators still in India, colonel says

NEW DELHI, India (Reuters) -- Between 600 and 700 Pakistan-backed infiltrators are still holed up on high ridges on India's side of a military line of control in Kashmir, an Indian Army spokesman said Tuesday.

"We have assessed the number (of infiltrators) to be around 600 to 700 militants," Col. Bikram Singh told reporters when asked how many infiltrators were still in Indian Kashmir. He added that between 400 and 500 were in the main area targeted by an Indian air and ground offensive while the remainder were in support roles.Singh said the infiltrators were also supported by more than 2,000 porters bringing supplies from the Pakistani side of Kashmir. "They have got about 2,000-odd porters who must be supporting these guys," Singh said.

Asked if troop movements on the Pakistani side were causing concern, Singh said: "No, I don't think it is alarming . . . we have taken precautionary measures, preventive measures."

Asked if India would launch airstrikes across the line of control into Pakistan-controlled territory in order to hit supplies to the infiltrators, Singh said: "No, it will not be crossed. Our operations are scrupulously confined to the line of control."