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Rock on . . . . Touching all the bases

Family affair -- Hard to believe the Starzz began the season without guard Tammi Reiss. Not only was she on the team from the start, she's been its most ardent promoter.

Still, as coach Frank Layden said, picking a team is a business decision. Otherwise, he'd have "a team full of Layden relatives."By my calculations, he already does. There's Frank; his son Scott, who is director of basketball operations; and son, Mike, who is a Starzz assistant coach.

And I understand Barbara plays a mean small forward.

Limited engagement -- The Mailman held his "Fan Appreciation Night" at the Delta Center Thursday. Prior to the event, he said he was putting things on display to give fans the chance to view items they'll see "once in a lifetime."

Like, hopefully, those purple wrestling tights.

Elbow room -- "Know who I feel sorry for in this whole NBA playoff thing?" said talk-show host Jay Leno. "Karl Malone. Now he has to go to the mall to elbow people."

Virtual reality -- First, there was John Madden football, then Tiger Woods golf. Finally, there's a video game involving a female athlete: Michelle Kwan Championship Figure Skating. The game allows players to choreograph routines, design costumes and choose music.

Great, but can it hire a thug to whack someone on the knee with a club?

Worm hunting -- Phil Jackson and the Los Angeles Lakers.

Can the Return of the Worm be far behind?

Happy trails -- Speaking of which, Dennis Rodman signed a one-year contract last week with the WCW.

Here's hoping it works out as well as his last contract.

Credit due -- And speaking of Jackson, I'm loving all the fuss over his services. Lakers? Knicks? I hope he takes a job soon. Then we can find out whether it was just Michael Jordan who made him look so good.

Pillar in the community -- In the what-else-is-new? department is the news that Bobby Knight has been accused of grabbing a man by the throat in a restaurant parking lot.

But look at all the kids he graduates.

Precautionary measures -- So the Buzz's Shane Bowers pitched all last season with a broken arm.

Considering their record, maybe they should check ALL their pitchers.

Grand slam -- The Babe Ruth Museum in Baltimore has been robbed three times in the past two weeks.

You've got to wonder how smart the burglars are. I mean, how much money could there be in the till of a museum?

Maybe they should go for the really big score and hit a library.