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Dancing in the sunlight

With the sunlight streaming in through the barn doors at Wheeler Farm, 12-year-old camper Elton Jasaraj, left, dances with volunteer Shelley Spencer during the Muscular Dystrophy Association camp's Western barn dance on Monday night. At the dance, the campers had to dress up in Western attire. They drank root beer floats, applied fake tattoos and danced the night away. The camp, which took place at the Airport Hilton in Salt Lake City, gave children and young adults with muscular dystrophy the opportunity to spend a week swimming, fishing and visiting away from their families in an environment that was barrier-free. Campers, ages 6 to 21, came from all parts of the state to spend the week together, while the MDA and its sponsors paid for them to attend. The theme of the camp was "Going to Hollywood," and each day the campers were taken on a trip to a different location that incorporated the movie theme. The kids also had the chance to look at Harley-Davidson motorcycles, go on a scavenger hunt and attend a masquerade ball at the Capitol rotunda and a "Men in Black" casino night. About 450 campers participated in the event, which ended today.