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Wrap up Father's Day gift in style
Kids can make a paper bag that looks like Dad

Surprise your dad on Father's Day with a gift in a bag that looks just like him. Here's what you'll need:Paper gift bag (size that will fit gift)

Pink or flesh-colored card stock (for head)

Wiggly craft eyes

Pink pom-pom (for nose)

Craft hair or yarn

Dark pink blush (for cheeks)

Black and red permanent markers

Pipe cleaner; optional (for glasses)

Ribbon to match bag (1 1/2 inches to 2 inches wide and 7 inches long, depending on size of bag)

Choose a gift bag in your dad's favorite color. Use a bowl, plate or cup to trace a head on the pink or flesh-colored paper appropriate for the size of bag. Cut out the head. Cut out ears and glue onto the sides of head, then glue the head onto the bag, leaving enough room at the top for the hair.

Glue on the eyes and pom-pom nose. Replicate your dad's hairstyle with craft hair or yarn, the same color and texture as his. Glue hair onto head. Use small amounts of hair for eyebrows, mustache, beard and sideburns, if your dad has them. Use blush to make cheeks and draw a mouth with the red marker. If your dad wears glasses, bend the pipe cleaner into the glasses and glue on. Cut the ribbon in the shape of a tie and glue to the neck. Draw a collar with the black marker. Put gift in bag.

This and many more fun ideas can be found in Dian Thomas' Holiday Fun Year Round. For more information about Dian Thomas' books, call 1-800-846-6355, or your local bookstore, or check out her Web site at