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Hitler's rare, prismatic binoculars sell for $44,800 at auction

LONDON (AP) -- An anonymous bidder paid more than $44,800 for a pair of binoculars Thursday that once belonged to Adolf Hitler.

The rare, prismatic binoculars, designed by German Carl Zeiss, had been recovered from the Nazi leader's yacht, The Grille, after World War II.The binoculars feature a distinctive Kriegsmarine emblem and are intended to be supported on a fixed stand.

"We can be absolutely sure that these are the genuine article because of the wealth of documentation that comes with them," auctioneer Dominic Winter said.

"It includes the official memo of the Admiral War Trophy Committee recording the seizure of two pairs of binoculars from the vessel," he said. "The pair that was sold is regarded as being of better quality and have apparently been kept in central Europe since the war."