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Scrapbook of the 20th Century: Nov. 5, 1952: Ike wins presidency

DESERET NEWS: WASHINGTON (UP) -- The greatest tidal wae of votes in history swept Dwight D. Eisenhower to the presidency Wednesday, but did not assure of comfortable control of Congress.

In overwhelming Adlai E. Stevenson and putting a stop to 20 years of Democratic White House rule, Eisenhower also carried his party to an apparently slim majority in the House.But it appeared possible that which party organizes the Senate may be up to the one independent member of that body and a newly elected pro-Ike Democrat from the South . . .

Utah Republicans, riding the crest of the nationwide Eisenhower landslide, scored their first statewide clean sweep in more than 30 years . . . Paced by the smashing Eisenhower victory in the presidential race, Gov. J. Bracken Lee and Sen. Arthur V. Watkins led the way in the triumphal GOP landslide.

With his 1952 election, the war-hero-turned-politician began the first of two terms that were beset by problems that he survived with his popularity largely intact. Civil rights struggles, the communist threat and internal tensions related to the Korean War challenged his presidency, but did not sink him.