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Scrapbook of the 20th Century: June 15, 1950: The Deseret News's first 100 years

DESERET NEWS: One hundred years ago Thursday, the first edition of the Deseret News was published on a small hand press. To celebrate, the paper has published a special Centennial Edition, included in Thursday's paper.

A few figures on the Centennial Edition give an indication of the true nature of this tremendous undertaking. With a total of more than 150 pages, Thursday's papers weigh approximately three pounds each. More than 171 tons of paper went into the publication of this special edition and it is estimated that an average of 200 pounds will be carried by each delivery boy.Each phase of the century's growth is illustrated with interesting articles and pictures in the Centennial Edition . . . Letters of congratulation have been received from Pres. Harry S Truman, New York Gov. Thomas E. Dewey, Gregory Peck, Bette Grable and many others . . .