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Scrapbook of the 20th Century: Nov. 10, 1956: Elvis stops over in Salt Lake

DESERET NEWS: Elvis, if we'd known, we'd a baked a cake. Ol. Elvis Presley ain't nothin' but a houn' dog.

He was in Salt Lake City at the Union Pacific station from 10:05 to 10:50 p.m. Friday night on a stopover en route to Las Vegas, and he didn't let anybody know.k All that charm and personlity just a-wastin' at the station.

Two Salt Lakers showed up, however. Miss Lorraine Maszeranas, 465 Penney Ave., got a call from her sister in Green River Friday afternoon.

"Get down to the station tonight," she screamed. "Elvis is on the train."

Miss Maszarenas and a girl friend hustled on down, expecting a milling crowd, but the side-burned idol was surrounded mostly by train passengers.

Miss Maszeranes had this comment to make Saturday: "Oooooooh! Is he good looking!"

It was one of the King's first visits to Salt Lake, not his last. The controversial performer at this point was being blamed for magnifying growing social ills among the country's youth. But his image and aura were on the way to the joy of a cult following that never died, even when he did.