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Tower back in business after losing its license

The Tower, Salt Lake's alternative movie house and video store, has reopened after one dark week. Friday is opening night for a Sundance Film Festival hit, "Hideous Kinky," Kate Winslet's post-"Titanic" picture.

The theater, 876 E. 900 South, turned out its lights June 10 after the city revoked its business license. Neighbors' complaints after the Vanilla Ice concert last month led to the police finding that the Tower had no permit to hold concerts.The city approved a new license Thursday, giving the Tower another chance as a movies-only venue. All scheduled concerts have been canceled, and ticket outlets are offering refunds and information about the other locations to which some events have been moved.

While applying for a new business license, manager Greg Tanner also had to confront a problem with his landlord Harold Hill. The Tower owed $12,820 in rent to Hill, and faced eviction if the bill couldn't be paid.

After negotiating with Hill, Tanner agreed to pay the full amount by July 31 to keep the theater open. To raise the money, Tanner is selling discounted passes: 10 movies for $40, 10 video rentals for $20 or a year of unlimited Tower movies for $100. The passes are on sale only through July 31.

"Hideous Kinky," an R-rated feature about an Englishwoman (Winslet) who takes her two young daughters to explore Morocco, will stay for at least two weeks, according to Tower spokesman Andy Wijaya. Next on the schedule is "The Swindle," which Wijaya described as a French love story.