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Local Births

The following birth notices were obtained from various Utah hospitals and appeared in the Deseret News on the above date. The actual date of each birth is given in each listing.

Alta View Hospital--BERGENER, Tiffany and Jeff, Taylorsville, boy, June 15.

CASPER, Brandy, and HESS, Ronald, Midvale, girl, June 16.

CHRISTIANSEN, Jennifer and Marlin, Draper, girl, June 16.

COTTER, Amy, and BROWN, Stephen, Salt Lake City, girl, June 15.

DULLE, Tamara and William, Lehi, boy, June 15.

GRAFF, Ahmi and Darin, Sandy, boy, June 16.

HALE, Lisa and Michael, Salt Lake City, girl, June 14.

HORROCKS, Wendy and Darin, Draper, boy, June 14.

JOHNSON, Nicole, and ELLIS, Theron, Sandy, boy, June 15.

LARISCH, Pam and Danny, Salt Lake City, girl, June 14.

LINGWALL, Kristi and Steven, Salt Lake City, boy, June 16.

MOUSER, Kristina and Bryan, Sandy, boy, June 16.

ODOM, Luann and David, Thousand Oaks, Calif., boy, June 16.

SMITH, Angela, Draper, girl, June 16.

SNYDER, Jamie and Devin, Sandy, boy, June 15.

UITZ, Maria and Martin, Midvale, boy, June 14.

WILLIAMS, Julie and Gregory, Riverton, girl, June 14.

YOUNG, Melissa, and VALDEZ, Joseph, South Jordan, boy, June 14.

Cottonwood Hospital--

ADAMS, Rebecca and Russell, Sandy, boy, June 15.

ASLAM, Rukhsana and Rashed, Midvale, boy, June 15.

CURTIS, Jennifer and Jonathan, Sandy, girl, June 15.

MEAGHER, Krystal and Gary, West Jordan, boy, June 16.

PECK, Jill and Benjamin, Sandy, girl, June 15.

RUSHTON, Wendy and David, Riverton, boy, June 16.

SMITH, Julie and Daniel, West Jordan, boy, June 15.

WHITE, Amber and Hayden, Salt Lake City, boy, June 15.

Lakeview Hospital--

ANDERTON, Heidi and Bryan, Kaysville, girl, June 9.

DIDERICKSEN, Julie and Darren, girl, June 10.

DOVER, Amy and Mike, Woods Cross, girl, June 14.

LUNDIN, Shannon and Gary, Kaysville, girl, May 27.

MANNING, Brandy and Chris, girl, June 10.

NESI, Jamie Leann, North Salt Lake, boy, June 10.

POOLE, Lori and Curtis, Bountiful, girl, June 9.

SHIRLEY, Brooke and Paul, Bountiful, girl, June 8.

SMITH, Mindy and David, Salt Lake City, twins, boy and girl, June 8.

WOOD, Wendy and Robert, Bountiful, girl, June 9.

LDS Hospital--

BECK, Tiffany and Joseph, Tooele, boy, June 16.

BENGTZEN, Keri and Troy, Salt Lake City, girl, June 15.

BROOKS, Michelle, Salt Lake City, boy, June 16.

BUOSCIO, Ann Marie and Harry, Park City, girl, June 15.

CAMERON, April and Aaron, Salt Lake City, girl, June 16.

CHACON, April, and CUEVAS, Carl, Salt Lake City, girl, June 16.

EHLERS, Bridgett and Bryan, Salt Lake City, girl, June 16.

FOGLEMAN, Carol and Kurt, Ogden, boy, June 15.

HAYGOOD, Cori and Willy, Salt Lake City, boy, June 16.

HERNANDEZ, Angelica, and ROJO, Alfredo, Wendover, girl, June 16.

HEUGLY, Elizabeth and Jake, Sandy, boy, June 16.

HOLLINGSWORTH, Kristin and Loren, Salt Lake City, boy, June 15.

HUNT, Teresa and Scott, Tooele, girl, June 10.

JENKINS, Andra, and GRIMMETT, Karl, Salt Lake City, boy, June 15.

MANWILL, Sandra and Jim, Salt Lake City, boy, June 16.

NARANJO, Eva, Wendover, boy, June 15.

NELSON, Christy and Eric, Layton, boy, June 15.

NORRIS, Deborah and Reuben, Murray, boy, June 15.

ROSER, Michelle and Evan, Salt Lake City, girl, June 15.

SCHABEL, Kimberly and Tarrance, Stansbury Park, boy, June 15.

STRINGFELLOW, Kimberlee and Scott, Farmington, girl, June 16.

SWAN, Chandra and Ralph, Centerville, girl, June 15.

TUKUAFU, Foshtina, Salt Lake City, girl, June 15.

WAYMAN, Terilyn and Scott, Salt Lake City, girl, June 16.

WEEKS, Marin and Ryan, Bountiful, girl, June 16.

WELCH, Kristin and Robert, Salt Lake City, girl, June 16.

Orem Community Hospital--

BALLARD, Melanie and Christopher, Provo, boy, June 3.

BELNAP, Ashleigh and Dale, Provo, boy, June 1.

BOONE, Sarah and Jonathan, Provo, girl, June 1.

BRIGGS, Jodie and Brett, Provo, boy, June 2.

BRYNER, Elizabeth and Christian, Price, boy, June 2.

BURNHAM, Tina and Brett, Provo, girl, June 1.

CAMPBELL, Sara and Thomas, Orem, girl, June 3.

CARLSON, Laura and Mitchell, Spanish Fork, boy, June 1.

CLARK, Lanae and Harold, Cedar Hills, twins, boy and girl, June 2.

CLAYSON, Jill and Craig, Spanish Fork, girl, June 4.

EARL, Marilin and Brian, Provo, girl, June 3.

FORSYTH, Jamie and Darren, Lehi, twins, boy and girl, June 5.

HAMBY, Kathryn and Matthew, Orem, boy, June 3.

HAMPTON, Rita and Scott, Lehi, boy, June 2.

HUTCHISON, Melissa and James, Provo, boy, June 1.

JENKINS, Angela and Alexander, Orem, boy, June 5.

PEARCE, Stacy and Scott, Pleasant Grove, boy, June 4.

POWELL, JoLynn and Rusty, Pleasant Grove, boy, June 1.

PULHAM, Robyn and Brian, Provo, boy, June 4.

RHOADES, Corina, and HUGHES, Ty, Orem, girl, June 1.

SPECKHARD, Kathleen and Eric, Provo, boy, June 3.

SQUIRE, Stacey and Glen, American Fork, boy, June 2.

TUPUOLA, Jennifer and Petelo, Orem, boy, June 2.

VINCENT, Susan and Mark, Provo, girl, June 1.

WILSON, Karen and Michael, Provo, girl, June 6.

Timpanogos Regional Hospital--

AARON, Jackie and Jerry, Pleasant Grove, boy, June 10.

BRADSHAW, Laura and Jeremy, Orem, boy, June 14.

BRAITHWAITE, Diana and Alan, American Fork, boy, June 12.

BRANDON, Tamara and Thomas, Spanish Fork, girl, June 8.

COLLEDGE, Christina and Cory, Lehi, girl, June 11.

FREEZE, Julie and Kevin, Lindon, girl, June 11.

JENSEN, Carol and David, American Fork, boy, June 9.

JOHNSON, Gina and Ken, Spanish Fork, boy, June 8.

LEWIS, Lisa and Michael, Payson, boy, June 10.

NIELSON, Amber and Dakota, American Fork, girl, June 7.

REID, Shannon and Anthony, Price, girl, June 10.

SIUFANUA, Malia and David, Provo, boy, June 14.

SMITH, Mary and Darren, Provo, boy, June 9.

SOMERVILLE, Kristen and John, Lehi, boy, June 9.

STAMPER, Jessi and Charles, Provo, girl, June 10.

TEEPLES, Amber and Matthew, Springville, girl, June 9.

TOLLESTRUP, Shawna and D. Scott, Draper, girl, June 10.

WOODHOUSE, Nesha and Cameron, Elk Ridge, girl, June 7.

YOUNG, Debra and Robert, Highland, boy, June 12.

Utah Valley Regional Medical Center--

ANDERSEN, Dianna and Orrin, Pleasant Grove, twin girls, June 8.

ANDRUS, Brooke, and BOYD, Brandon, Springville, boy, June 10.

BENEFIELD, Aimee and Eric, Orem, girl, June 8.

BRIGANTI, Yolanda and Cesar, Provo, boy, June 9.

BROBERG, Tara and Mark, Provo, boy, June 11.

BUTLER, Keni and Jarrod, Pleasant Grove, girl, June 10.

BYRNE, Jennifer and Derek, Provo, girl, June 8.

COX, Jill and Kenneth, Orem, boy, June 11.

DENNISON, Tamra and Shane, Spanish Fork, girl, June 9.

DIEHL, Valarie and Nathan, Lindon, boy, June 10.

FRY, Caroline and Charles, Orem, girl, June 10.

HILL, Tamara and Jon, Provo, girl, June 9.

KINCAID, Angela and Charles, Pleasant Grove, boy, June 11.

KING, Karrie and Brayden, Orem, boy, June 10.

LUDLOW, Tora and John, Salem, girl, June 8.

MAYO, Julie and Rodney, Payson, girl, June 9.

McRAE, Erin and Allan, Provo, girl, June 9.

NELSON, Mary Ann and Stuart, Springville, girl, June 11.

OLSON, Deana and Stephen, Provo, boy, June 11.

POLLARD, Mihoko and Arthur, Provo, boy, June 9.

ROWLEY, Dalene and Alan, Provo, boy, June 10.

SEILER, Andrea and Dustin, Sandy, girl, June 10.

TISCHNER, Andrea and Eric, Orem, boy, June 10.

TORSAK, Deann and Kenneth, Orem, boy, June 9.

VAZQUEZ, Maria and Juan, Orem, girl, June 10.