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Gun cartoon in poor taste

I can no longer refrain from commenting about your J. Brown political cartoon (June 14). I think it is in bad taste and dishonest. I would expect that both of you know that the cartoon is not a truthful representation of the facts. I know it is on the editorial page and that gives you leeway, and some things people write are just stupid, but that cartoon goes beyond what I expect of you. And I don't think you or Jonathan are stupid.

You are helping to promote inaccurate images of some of your fellow men. And it is worse since your paper is a community icon and has some influence in how we uneducated and semi-informed people think. It helps feed the fires of hysteria about guns and gun-related ideas that the public is now experiencing.I suppose I will need to change my expectations of you and the Deseret News. Further evidence of this is the loaded words and phrases used in the editorial just to the left, on the page with the cartoon. That is "zealots," "slow coming out of the starting blocks," "intractable." I think the Deseret News' commitment to quality of thought, individual liberty, honesty and personal responsibility has been diminishing over the past few years.

Keith R. Davies

Salt Lake City