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S.L. man faces kidnap charge after stabbing

A 29-year-old Salt Lake man has been charged with aggravated kidnapping, a first-degree felony, and attempted murder.

On June 13, the man went to the South Highland Drive home of his former girlfriend and held her at knifepoint, according to charges filed Thursday in 3rd District Court. He beat on her window until it broke and then entered the house and went to the kitchen, where he picked up a knife. He held the knife to his former girlfriend's throat, threatening to kill her if she didn't go out to his truck, the charges state."While they were outside, (the woman) began screaming and begging him not to kill her," the charges state.

"Neighbors heard her screaming and attempted to help her. One punched the defendant, causing him to fall on top of (the woman). At that time the defendant began stabbing" his former girlfriend, according to the charges.

Another neighbor helped restrain the man.