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Crews aim to contain fire in Dixie by late Sunday

ST. GEORGE -- A wildfire eight miles southwest of here grew to 500 acres Friday, adding heat to temperatures already above 102.

Though the flames looked impressive when viewed from town, the fire wasn't threatening any buildings or livestock, according to Bureau of Land Management information officer Jodi Hamel.The fire is near a power line into the recently abandoned Apex Mine. "But they've done a lot of work out there to keep it away," Hamel said.

Forty-six firefighters, eight engines and a retardant helicopter worked the fire Friday, and officials predicted containment by 6 p.m. Sunday.

Some thunderstorms have been forecast for Saturday and Sunday afternoon, which could "speed up the process," Hamel said. Friday's mild winds also gave fire crews a chance to slow the fire's spread.

Lightning sparked the Apex fire at 1 a.m. Thursday.

"The wind was doing odd things, making it burn both north and south," said Hamel. But on Friday she said both wind and fire "died down quite a bit."

Search and Rescue workers are patrolling area roads off U.S. 91. "They're trying to keep onlookers from heading out there," Hamel said.