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ANDRO DOES MORE HARM THAN GOOD, STUDY SAYS: The dietary supplement used by Mark McGwire does nothing to boost men's strength and instead might promote breast enlargement, heart disease and cancer, a study suggests.

The study, published in Wednesday's Journal of the American Medical Association, compared androstenedione with a dummy pill in 20 men ages 19 to 29 during an eight-week weightlifting program.The supplement, a steroid, is made of a naturally occurring hormone the body uses in tiny amounts to make the male hormone testosterone.

In the study, androstenedione had no effect on testosterone levels in blood, and no difference in strength could be found between the two groups of men.

STRAWBERRY STILL WAITING: Sometime in the next week, Darryl Strawberry should find out when his suspension from baseball will end.

"It's a guess as to what's likely to transpire, and I don't engage in guesses in matters of this kind," union lawyer Gene Orza said Tuesday.

The 37-year-old New York Yankees outfielder has been suspended since April 24 following his arrest for cocaine possession.

CNN-Sports Illustrated reported Monday "that in the next 48 hours, major league baseball will announce Strawberry will be suspended for up to 90 days, retroactive to his April 14 arrest."

The 90th day of his suspension would be July 13, the date of the All-Star game at Boston's Fenway Park.

MLB DRAFT: Which Josh will be drafted first?

Josh Hamilton, an outfielder from Athens Drive (N.C.) High School, and Josh Beckett, a right-hander from Spring, Texas, were expected to be the first two players selected in the amateur draft Wednesday.

Hamilton, a 6-foot-4, 200-pounder, is an outstanding hitter with a strong arm. He is projected as a right fielder, even though he's got a 94 mph fastball.

Beckett has a shot at becoming the first high school right-hander selected No. 1 overall. The 6-4, 205-pounder has impressed scouts with a fastball that hits the mid-90s consistently and a lively curveball. Even if he's taken second, Beckett would be the first high schooler righty taken that high since Bill Gullickson in 1979.

Tampa Bay, Florida, Detroit, Arizona and Minnesota have the first five picks.

The last high school player taken with the first pick was Alex Rodriguez, chosen by Seattle in 1993.

Only twice since 1971 have the first three picks been high school players. It could happen again this year.