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Teamsters, car haulers reach tentative pact

ARLINGTON, Va. (AP) -- After all-night negotiations, the Teamsters union and companies that haul new cars to dealerships nationwide said Wednesday they have reached a tentative settlement in a labor contract dispute.

A final agreement expected later Wednesday would avert a threatened strike, subject to ratification of the contract by union members.Among major union goals in the negotiations, which ran more than a day past the original strike deadline, has been better pensions for drivers who choose to retire after 25 years of work.

The trucking companies have demanded they be allowed to pay newly hired drivers less and hire some part-time -- flexibility they say they need to keep competitive with nonunion haulers.

Teamsters President James P. Hoffa had said the union would strike rather than give in to those demands.

However, Hoffa also had said negotiators were aiming "to develop a win-win" agreement that would keep union jobs secure by helping the trucking companies stay competitive and gain new business transporting used cars as well as new ones.

The car haulers' contract dispute was the first test at the bargaining table for Hoffa since he was sworn in in March as head of the union once led by his late father, James R. Hoffa.