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All but one in refugee family accounted for

The Kosovar refugees living in Holladay now know the location of all but one of the missing members of their family.

Sahit Fazliu's wife and four sons, as well as one of Fazliu's brothers, are reportedly in a Macedonian refugee camp awaiting passage to the United States, said Lara Lockwood of Catholic Community Services.Apparently Fazliu was able to contact relatives who had heard of the family members' whereabouts. The Kosovar refugee and his daughters arrived in Utah more than a week ago and were joined by several other members of the Fazliu extended family May 26.

The husband of 30-year-old Habibe Fazliu is still not accounted for, Lockwood said. Habibe and her 20-month-old son were among the family members who arrived last week.

Ten days before Fazliu's arrival in Salt Lake, he had heard from relatives that his wife and sons were still living in Pristina, the capital of Kosovo.

Lockwood said the family members in Macedonia are reportedly filling out the paperwork to come to the United States. If they are granted passage, they will join the rest of their family in Holladay, she said. "We'll hopefully have a reuniting very soon."

The Fazlius are the first of 200 Kosovar refugees expected to arrive in Utah over the next three months.

Lockwood said donations for the refugees gathered at fund-raisers last week filled a semi truck seven times. Monetary donations totaled $20,000. The supplies are now being held in storage units, awaiting the arrival of more refugees.