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Changes are afoot at SLOC and IOC
S.L. finance official promoted in restructuring

Gordon Crabtree, who's had his ups and downs with the Salt Lake Organizing Committee, is now the new managing director of finance for the 2002 Winter Games.

Crabtree started four years ago as the top financial official under the first Olympic boss, resigned and then was re-hired by the second, and now has been promoted by the third.Under a restructuring of SLOC's finance department announced Tuesday, Crabtree's latest role is to oversee auditing, accounting, risk management, procurement and other financial functions.

The job of monitoring SLOC's $1.45 billion budget, under threat from the scandal surrounding Salt Lake City's Olympic bid, falls to Brett Hopkins, the organizing committee's director of financial planning.

Crabtree and Hopkins will report to Fraser Bullock, now the chief financial officer as well as the chief operating officer for SLOC. Bullock assumed the CFO title in the restructuring.

The changes come after the organizing committee's former chief financial officer, Mark Tanner, resigned last month to take an executive post with Mrs. Fields Cookie Co.

When Tom Welch hired Crabtree away from state government four years ago as senior vice president of finance, the job included managing everything from the books to the budget to personnel.

Crabtree stepped down two years later, shortly after Frank Joklik took over SLOC. The transition, forced when Welch resigned after being charged with spouse abuse, was a tense time for many SLOC employees.

But Crabtree always stopped short of blaming Joklik for his departure, instead citing the pressures of his job. However, he continued to work as a consultant and was rehired a year ago as director of finance.

He said in his new job, he'll have plenty of help. "It's not like everything's on my personal plate. We have good people working in many areas who will support the responsibilities I have," he said.

And he said the new structure created by SLOC President Mitt Romney should streamline the financial department. "I think this is a very efficient way to do it and frankly, it's the right mix."