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Reid billboards not so bad

I was concerned after reading Maryann Webster's letter ("Reid should kill billboards," June 5) that mayoral candidate Stuart Reid was out constructing new billboards to pollute the landscape. She is, after all, affiliated with Artists Against Visual Pollution. My limited research revealed two billboards; one on 1300 East and the other on Redwood Road.

However, in the last five miles of my commute home this evening, I counted 44 lawn signs for Rocky Anderson, most of which have been up since April. This overkill is enough for me to vote for someone else for mayor.As far as I'm concerned, the billboards are already there, so Reid is using an existing, year-round medium, rather than the annoying lawn signs. If it weren't for Stuart Reid, you might be reading another billboard for slug bait.

Janet Tunney Peck

Salt Lake City