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South S.L. refuses to ban cruising

SOUTH SALT LAKE -- City officials have decided not to follow the lead of Salt Lake City in banning cruising on State Street.

A proposed cruising ban was defeated on a 4-3 vote of the City Council here Tuesday night as a majority of the council agreed South Salt Lake has no need of such a law at this time.City Attorney Craig Hall drafted the ordinance in response to police department concerns that Salt Lake City's new cruising ban would push the State Street cruising problem to South Salt Lake.

But other council members, like Wes Losser, said the ban would be an unnecessary over-extension of the city's police power and divert police officers from more important work.

Losser, who opposed the proposed ordinance Tuesday, said he questions the wisdom of making a normally legal act "illegal based on the number of times you drive up and down the street.

"They (police) could spend a lifetime just enforcing existing laws like seat belts, loud music, curfew, exhibition driving and normal driving violations," the three-term councilman added.

Councilman Boyd Williams told the council that simply enforcing the city's current curfew law would get most of the cruising teenagers off the streets.

But police disagree, contending random curfew enforcement won't discourage dragging.

Mayor Randy Fitts said he thinks the city has more important things to do than expend time and resources on a law that would be difficult to enforce.

Losser agrees, noting South Salt Lake police would have to count the number of times a car goes up and down State before issuing an anti-cruising citation.