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Let west-east light rail die

In your Saturday, June 12, editorial, you decry the decision from the U.S. House last week against west-east light-rail funding. West-east light rail is a project that is being forced down the citizens' throat. The north-south line is not even running yet, but we are asked to take on faith that we must have west-east also.

What will this $480 million dollar project bring us? More congestion on one of the busiest west-east routes in the state. An almost guaranteed tax increase; according to the UTA it will generate at best about 30 percent of its operating funds from fares, leaving the balance to come from . . . taxes? And it will devastate the businesses along its route during its construction -- exactly what happened to Main Street.I own a business along 400 South, and from my conversations with residents and business owners in this area, they are overwhelmingly against this project. Another thing that our public officials are not telling us about this project is that these transportation monies could have been used for other more worthwhile projects to improve Salt Lake City's infrastructure. If the money is lost, the real culprits are probably some shortsighted public officials who are supporting this project. Let west-east light rail die.

Bryan D. Piteck

Salt Lake City