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Grill may be cause of house fire

A North Redwood family had their Father's Day interrupted by a Sunday afternoon fire that caused $100,000 in damage, officials say.

The Salt Lake City Fire Department responded to the fire at 632 N. Sir Patrick Drive (1925 West) just after 4 p.m. Salt Lake Fire battalion assistant Dennis McKone said firefighters encountered heavy flames that began on the deck in the back yard and spread through the attic and the roof, he said.The roof in the rear of the house eventually collapsed, allowing the firefighters better access to the flames in the attic.

McKone said 24 firefighters responded to the blaze that started from a charcoal barbecue on or near the wood deck.

Investigators are still trying to find the exact cause of the fire, but the initial report is the residents were trying to light the barbecue when it somehow it got away from them, he said.

Two of the eight occupants were treated at the scene. One suffered second-degree burns to his face and the other had second-degree burns to his hands. They were relocated by the Red Cross Sunday night and will stay there until other arrangements can be made, McKone said.

The occupants were able to save several televisions and stereo equipment from the house, which suffered major fire and water damage.

Salt Lake firefighter Steven Putnam suffered a severe sprained ankle and was transported to Salt Lake Regional Medical Center where he was treated and released, McKone said.