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Allegations lack basis, Polygamy Tapestry says

Tapestry of Polygamy has not been served with a lawsuit filed against it last week by Juab County polygamist Thomas A. Green, but the group's attorney says Green's allegations are without legal basis.

In his lawsuit filed without counsel in 3rd District Court, Green says members of Tapestry slandered him by saying some of his wives are junior-high dropouts, by saying he had committed incest and by saying he uses the guise of religion to seduce young women.He says Tapestry's public campaign against him has hurt his magazine sales business. Green is seeking $60,000 in damages.

Green and his five wives and 25 children live in a mobile-home community he started in the desert about 100 miles west of Delta. Juab County Attorney David Leavitt is investigating criminal allegations against Green

Last year the Utah Office of Recovery Services filed five lawsuits against Green in 4th District Court in Nephi seeking to recoup child support and welfare payments made to Green's wives and children.

In a statement released Saturday, Tapestry officials say Green's suit is frivolous and that he is "simply reacting to his own numerous and serious legal difficulties."