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ANKARA, Turkey -- U.S. fighter planes bombed a military command center in northern Iraq Tuesday after being fired on by Iraqi forces in the northern no-fly zone, the U.S. military said. The Air Force F-16s and F-15s attacked a military command and control center northwest of Mosul, 250 miles north of Baghdad.


TOKYO -- The Defense Agency has no plans to further delay deployment of a jet fighter under development with the United States despite the discovery of another defect, an official said. New cracks were discovered on the main left wing of the F-2 fighter at a testing facility in a western Tokyo suburb.


ZARIA -- At least 20 people have died from a cholera outbreak in northern Nigeria, local officials said. They said more than 200 people have been admitted to hospitals in the affected areas of Zaria and Sabon Gari since the outbreak of the disease last week.


HONG KONG -- The government is set to announce within days if it will host a Disney park, but local lawmakers vowed to block a deal if the government gives away too much to the entertainment giant.


PAPEETE -- A French mountain rescue squad has been sent half way around the world to the South Pacific to recover the body of a teenager who fell into a ravine.


AMSTERDAM -- Firefighters raked through the smouldering rubble of this city's premier nightclub after it was destroyed by fire during the riotous funeral party of local artist Roxy.


LEGAZPI -- Mayon Volcano spewed thick smoke high into the air and then quickly calmed, government officials said. They said it posed no danger to nearby residents.

MANILA -- Defense Secretary Orlando Mercado accused Malaysia of occupying two reefs claimed by Manila in the disputed Spratly Islands and said a diplomatic protest should be filed with Kuala Lumpur.


MEXICO CITY -- A moderate earthquake shook western and central Mexico Monday, damaging 700 homes and spreading panic among people who feared it was a repeat of a temblor that killed 19 people last week, officials said.

MEXICO CITY -- The government's main human rights commission accused federal agents and the army of continuing to torture prisoners.


LONDON -- Rejecting charges that his Labor Party with its centrist tenets and middle-class image has alienated traditional blue-collar supporters, Prime Minister Tony Blair said his policies embrace both business and compassion.


MOSCOW -- In a victory for President Boris Yeltsin, the Supreme Court ruled that a criminal investigation into Prosecutor General Yuri Skuratov may go ahead, Russian news agencies reported. The ruling was the latest twist in a bitter fight between Skuratov and Yeltsin.

MOSCOW -- A Norwegian sailor was reportedly mauled to death by three bears after he wandered into their den at a Russian zoo.


BONN -- An attorney representing Nazi-era slave laborers in U.S. lawsuits criticized German companies for refusing to say how much compensation they were willing to pay in a settlement.