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In doubt? Pick Libertarians

Hidden in the banter between the Democrats and Republicans is the certainty that the best thing about being a Republican is that you're not a Democrat and that the best thing about being a Democrat is that you're not Republican. Which is the lesser of two evils today?

The sad news is that there's really no difference between the two.The last four budgets passed by a Democratic Congress enlarged the federal government by 14.4 percent. The first four budgets the Republican Congress passed have enlarged the federal government by 13.9 percent.

The Democrats have the "tax and spend" reputation. Meanwhile, Republican Utah has the highest tax rates of any state and our governor is the champion of bringing taxes to the Internet.

As long as these two parties know we'll vote for the lesser of two evils, we'll get the same treatment -- more taxes and bigger government.

If we want to elect leaders who consistently stand for personal responsibility and freedom and who will dramatically reduce the size of government and its taxes, we should consider the Libertarian Party.

John R. Pack