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3 teen girls use steak knives in W. Central City carjacking

Three teenage girls used knives in a carjacking Sunday night in West Central City, police said.

The girls flagged down a pair of teen boys in the car and asked them for a ride. When they said no, one of the girls jumped into the car and pointed two knives at the driver and passenger.The two boys got out of the car and the three girls got in and drove away, police reports said.

The victims called police about 9:45 p.m. While officers were talking with them, the victims pointed to a car that passed by and said it was their vehicle. The officers caught up with the stolen car at 1430 S. Utahna Drive (1165 West), and its driver pulled over.

The officers arrested the girls, ages 15, 15 and 14. The girls had picked up two teenage male passengers, whom officers later released. Police said they found two steak knives in the stolen car.