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Money is root of Orem evil

Why does CEDO and the Orem city staff feel they must get involved in private business deals? Past Redevelopment Agency (RDA) tax giveaway programs have created jealousy and me-too-isms.

Rick Warner Toyota has given the Orem City Council an ultimatum, fostered by CEDO and the city staff: give the auto dealership a 20-year RDA tax rebatement program or they will move to Provo.Rick Warner Toyota is using the same successful tactic that ZCMI used when J.C. Penney Co. moved out of the University Mall. State law governing RDA programs was intended to improve blighted areas not to be Santa Claus to all big businesses.

Rather than knuckle under to threats and copycat ultimatums, which would set an example for more businesses to use in the future. Let the free enterprise system work, by letting all businesses make their own deals, without the city butting in with tax giveaway programs.

Bob Wright