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Put library on historic site

A new Provo Library bell could ring loud and clear.

On the historical site of Brigham Young University, the city of Provo wants to build a much needed library.Since the 1940s, Provo has had some beautiful abstract buildings, the tabernacle, the county building of marble and tile, a large white, Utah State Mental Hospital by the mountain facing Center Street, and north on University there were four buildings called Brigham Young University.

It consisted of an elementary school building for primary grades, a high school building, a gymnasium and a building for arts, dancing, even a theater with a stage.

The education building was famous for KBYU-Radio, English, mathematics, religion, physics and science.

In the north side were some great art teachers, sculpture, weaving and even a little photography.

I took a few art classes, landscape and portrait, a friend of mine did an abstract painting, a woman on a bed with a house on fire. It was silly but creative.

The new library building could be abstract structure, an area with a stage and music, places for meetings and a small bookstore like the previous one in the old building.

There could be a section with paintings, sculpture, photographs and other works of art.

A new Brigham Young University bell could be placed in the tower to could ring and inspire the people in the beautiful valley.

Richard G. Thayne