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Is Clinton above the law?

President Bill Clinton violated the spirit of the U.S. Constitution (Section 1, Article 8, clause 11).

This section denies any president the right to wage war or make any surprise attack upon any enemy without the consent of Congress (see the Federalist Papers). It also denies any president the funds to wage war. BRThomas Jefferson wrote the Rev. James Madison in 1785: "We have already given, in example, one effectual check to the Dog of War, by transferring the power of letting him lose from the executive to the legislative body, from those who are to spend to those who are to pay."

Clinton went even further in acting irresponsibly by violating the 1973 War Powers Act which stipulates that any time a president initiates military force he must notify Congress with a full report within 48 hours. The president never did so.

Is the president above the law?

There are still strong reasons why you should: To join the antiwar movement, at the Internet Web site visit

That war protest was started because, "Our goal is to bombard Congress with emails in the name of peace," stated Steve Dasbach in an interview June 1. Dasbach is national director of the Libertarian Party.

I signed a petition and sent emails. Another good reason to still join the protest is to state you object to the use of taxpayer's money for an occupational force or for rebuilding projects.

Dwight Steffner

Saratoga Springs