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Utah gas prices are holding steady

Gasoline prices in Utah remain more than 25 cents a gallon above their winter lows, but at an average of $1.25 per gallon, they are holding steady as the summer driving season gets underway.

That's the price of a gallon of self-serve regular unleaded, and it is down a penny from last month, according to the latest AAA Utah monthly survey released Tuesday.Nationwide, gasoline prices have fallen 2 cents per gallon to $1.14.

AAA Utah spokeswoman Rolayne Fairclough said gas prices in Utah are nine cents higher than they were a year ago and equal to the average in June 1997.

In Salt Lake City, the average price fell a nickel to $1.22. Provo's average was $1.27, three cents higher than last month, while Ogden saw a two-cent rise to $1.24.

Low prices for crude oil last year pushed the price for a gallon of gas to under $1 as recently as February, but in March, Middle East oil producers and other OPEC members pledged to curb production to boost prices.

Alan Kovski, energy analyst with Kiplinger Washington Letter, an industry newsletter, said that unlike many times in the past when OPEC members repeatedly violated their own agreements, this time it seems to be working as only 10 percent have failed to slow their crude oil sales.

Even in California, where prices had shot up to $1.59 per gallon, prices slid back to an average of $1.46 in this week's survey. Prices in Nevada had dropped 17 cents to $1.35 per gallon.