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Lehi man jailed after 13-year-old girl reports rape

OREM -- A 19-year-old Lehi man was arrested for investigation of aggravated rape of a child Friday night in Pleasant Grove.

The man allegedly met the 13-year-old girl Thursday evening at the carnival in Pleasant Grove. The girl had lost a friend who was giving her a ride home. On the way to the pay phone to call her father, she was reportedly approached by a woman and the Lehi man in a car. The woman asked the girl if she needed a ride home.When the girl entered the vehicle the man asked the woman to get a ride from the car behind them, Orem Police Lt. Doug Edwards said.

The man allegedly drove the girl to Squaw Peak where he said he was meeting some friends. The girl repeatedly asked to be taken home and at one point even held her hand over her mouth to avoid being kissed by the man, Edwards said.

He then took her to the parking lot that meets the Provo River Parkway Trail on 800 North in Orem at 1 a.m. The girl fled the vehicle, but the Lehi man chased her and brought her back into the car, where he reportedly raped her.

The man then apologized to the girl and asked her if they could meet again the next day.

"When he kept pressing the issue, (she) finally told him that she would be at the Gravitron ride the next day at the carnival," Edwards said Afterward he dropped her off at her brother's home in Provo.

The girl's family took her to Utah Valley Regional Medical Center at about 2:30 a.m.

She gave authorities a description of the man. Several police officers went to the carnival the next evening where they a found a man that met the girl's description.

"The man was quickly cornered and detained. An arrest was made and he was questioned at the Orem Police Department," Edwards said.

He was booked in the Utah County jail. Bail was set at $100,000.