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Marriott-Slaterville to be newest city
City officials wait for state approval

OGDEN -- The combined community of Marriott-Slaterville has taken its final step toward becoming Utah's newest city.

City officials filed articles of incorporation Monday with the State Lieutenant Governor's Office with the expectation the new city will come into existence July 1.Certification of incorporation articles by Lt. Gov. Oleen Walker will be the last action necessary before Marriott-Slaterville is granted cityhood by the state.

Bill Marriott Morris, who will be the city's new recorder, said residents of the separate townships of Slaterville and Marriott voted last August to join forces and incorporate into a single city.

He said that decision followed passage of state legislation in 1997 that denied Utah townships the authority to protect their borders from annexation.

A mayor and city council were elected in February and will take their oaths of office during a special meeting the night of July 1.

At the helm of the new third-class city will be Mayor-elect Keith H. Butler. He will serve as chief administrative officer.

Council members slated to take office include H. Orvil Holley, who will serve as council president; Rob Smout; Delbert Hodson; Kim Slater and Ren Meyerhoffer.