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Hole of the Week: Mountain Dell Canyon Course, Hole #16

Par 4





Layout: One of the original holes at Mountain Dell is a fairly short dogleg left, slightly uphill with trees lining both sides of the fairway and water close behind the green and a bunker right in front. The water and sand were added about 12 years ago.

Short and sweet: Mountain Dell didn't have a single sand trap prior to 1975.

Professionally speaking

"It's a very demanding hole, even though it's only 364 yards from the blue tees. You have to hit the ball absolutely perfect with your first two shots. You want your drive to be high enough on the hill to be able to see the hole and feel comfortable with your second shot. It's the kind of a hole that you can either make a birdie or a 9." -- Head pro Tom Sorensen

Off the tee: A good drive here is imperative. The hole bends left, but most golfers won't want to hit it left to avoid the trees. So most shots will naturally drift to the right and many will be sucked up by the trees on the right. You could use less than a driver, but you want to hit the ball far enough to get in good position for the second shot.

Second shot: Even if you're in prime position off the tee, you're still faced with a shot to a shallow green with a bunker in front and water directly behind.

On the green: The green is wider than it is long and is actually larger than it looks from the fairway. The green is fairly flat with a slight slope towards the front.