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Local Births

The following birth notices were obtained from various Utah hospitals and appeared in the Deseret News on the above date. The actual date of each birth is given in each listing.

Alta View Hospital--ACERSON, Rennie and Michael, Sandy, boy, June 22.

NILSON, Tonya and Jeff, Salt Lake City, boy, June 21.

OLSEN, Brooke and Michael, Sandy, girl, June 21.

PADGETT, Cami and Larry, West Valley City, girl, June 21.

PIERCE, Crystal, and THOMSON, Jeramiah, Sandy, girl, June 22.

Columbia Moutain View Hospital--

ALLAN, Andrea and Michael, Springville, girl, June 14.

CLARK, Patricia and Alec, American Fork, boy, June 17.

HANSEN, Wendy and Wade, Mona, Juab County, boy, June 16.

KALT, Lori and Andreas, Park City, boy, June 18.

MOULTON, Shatie and Bret, Orem, girl, June 18.

MURDOCK, Molly and Stephen, Springville, boy, June 13.

PETERSEN, Lori and William, Springville, boy, June 17.

STACEY, Jessica and Brian, Orem, girl, June 17.

STONE, Robyn and Matthew, Spanish Fork, boy, June 16.

TAYLOR, Leslie and LaMont, Nephi, boy, June 14.

WHITE, Rebecca, and MEIDINGER, Joshua, Payson, girl, June 15.

Columbia Ogden Regional Medical Center--

CHRISTOFFERSEN, Kerri Jo and Scott, Ogden, girl, June 12.

COLVIN, Metisha and Corey, Ogden, boy, June 12.

IRVINE, JoAnn and Frederick, North Ogden, boy, June 12.

LITANSKI, Jaimee and Shane, Clinton, girl, June 13.

RANGEL, Danette and Juan, Ogden, boy, June 13.

RICH, Kristen and Kurt, Sunset, boy, June 12.

RUBIO, Grace and Jose, Ogden, girl, June 14.

VALDEZ, Suzanne, and OROSCO, Eric, Ogden, girl, June 12.

WARD, Tamara and Trent, North Ogden, girl, June 11.

Cottonwood Hospital--

ANDERSON, Pamela and Kendell, Riverton, twin boys, June 20.

BLASER, Natalie and Steven, Riverton, twin girls, June 20.

BURGON, Terri and Justin, West Jordan, girl, June 21.

CHRISTENSEN, Heidi and Craig, West Jordan, girl, June 20.

ELMER, Kellie and Ian, Riverton, girl, June 20.

FITCH, Lori and Aaron, Riverton, girl, June 21.

GARCIA, Lorena and Robert, Salt Lake City, girl, June 20.

GIRON, Misty, and WITPKE, Nathan, Salt Lake City, girl, June 21.

HYDE, Karen and Gerald, Salt Lake City, boy, June 19.

INGLET, Suzanne and Kevin, Sandy, boy, June 18.

JONES, Kammie and Gayland, Salt Lake City, girl, June 20.

KELLER, Stacey and Matthew, Salt Lake City, girl, June 20.

LUNDGREEN, Christin, Salt Lake City, boy, June 19.

MACKAY, Catherine and Richard, Sandy, girl, June 19.

MATA, Heather and Michael, West Valley City, boy, June 21.

McGEE, Rachel and Robert, West Jordan, girl, June 21.

McNIVEN, Theresa and Thomas, Midvale, boy, June 19.

NEFF, Maria and Stanley, Salt Lake City, boy, June 18.

PARKER, Jennifer and Craig, Salt Lake City, girl, June 21.

PEPPER, Merry and William, Salt Lake City, boy, June 20.

PROCTOR, Ann-Marie and David, Sandy, boy, June 21.

Davis Hospital and Medical Center--

BITTER, Stephanie and Eric, Kaysville, boy, June 16.

BOTHELL, Alice and Jacob, Kaysville, boy, June 12.

BUCK, Bobbi Jo and Daniel, Ogden, boy, June 14.

CLOUGH, Midori and Michael, Ogden, girl, June 15.

DAVIS, Crystal and Bryan, Layton, girl, June 11.

FINAU, Stephanie and Tevita, Clearfield, girl, June 12.

HAMBLIN, Mandy, and GALLANT, Robert, Sunset, girl, June 14.

HARRIS, Alecia and Ross, Kaysville, boy, June 11.

HARRIS, Brooke and Scott, Morgan, girl, June 11.

LINDSEY, Stefania and Jason, Deer Valley, boy, June 12.

MARTINEZ, Catherine and Michael, Hill AFB, boy, June 15.

MILEWSKI, Tina and Richard, Roy, boy, June 12.

MILLER, Tamara, Hill AFB, boy, June 11.

MOULTRIE, Kristie and Troy, Clearfield, boy, June 11.

MUMFORD, Tonya and Bret, Layton, boy, June 16.

PALMER, Tara, Layton, boy, June 16.

PARISH, Misty and David, Layton, girl, June 14.

PAYAN, Jana and David, Roy, boy, June 15.

PENTZ, Shanna and Dustin, Coalville, boy, June 16.

SCHLABAUGH, Carla and Tony, Layton, boy, June 14.

SMITH, Kristin and Gregory, Layton, girl, June 16.

SNYDER, Judith and Chris, Layton, girl, June 16.

STEEVER, Sunnee, and HENNESSY, Kelly, Layton, boy, June 12.

STEPHENS, Lisa and David, Ogden, boy, June 11.

STEVENS, Natalie and Todd, Layton, girl, June 12.

STOVER, Shalise and Troy, Layton, boy, June 11.

WAHLSTROM, Nicole and Bryan, Bountiful, boy, June 16.

WILSON, Veronica and Jeffery, Clearfield, girl, June 14.

Jordan Valley Hospital--

ATKINSON, Laura and Richard, West Valley City, boy, June 16.

BOOTHE, Andrea and Cory, Sandy, girl, June 17.

CARDWELL, Kimberly and Michael, Taylorsville, boy, June 17.

EDWARDS, Candy and Scott, West Jordan, girl, June 16.

GREER, GayLee and Douglas, West Jordan, boy, June 17.

JENKINS, Marianne and Trent, West Jordan, boy, June 16.

LARSEN, Connie and Mont, West Valley City, girl, June 16.

NOLAN, Tracy and Jonathan, Layton, girl, June 17.

ZOLLINGER, Diane and Alvin, West Valley City, boy, June 16.

LDS Hospital--

BUCHEI, Glorimar and John, Kearns, girl, June 20.

BUTTS, Traci and Terry, Salt Lake City, boy, June 20.

FEIL, Monica and Jason, Woods Cross, girl, June 20.

FREEMAN, Nicole and Jeffrey, West Jordan, boy, June 20.

HANSEN, Courtnee and Clint, Salst Lake City, girl, June 20.

MAUGHAN, Jane and Alan, Kaysville, girl, June 20.

ST. JOHN, Jennifer, Layton, boy, June 20.

TIPPETTS, Kathleen and Joshua, South Jordan, boy, June 20.

Utah Valley Regional Medical Center--

ABRAM, Rallet and Wade, Pleasant Grove, girl, June 13.

ALLRED, Ann and Brian, Mapleton, girl, June 16.

ALONSO, Esmeralda and Moises, Provo, girl, June 13.

AMENDOLA, Tricia and Michael, Provo, girl, June 14.

BENTLEY, Tamara and Bradford, Mt. Pleasant, girl, June 16.

BROWN, DeAnna and Ryan, Orem, boy, June 15.

CAMPBELL, Emily and James, Provo, boy, June 16.

CHINIQUY, Jennifer and Todd, Springville, girl, June 13.

DAVIS, Ruth and Mark, Genola, girl, June 14.

DUNCAN, Korie and Tyler, Spanish Fork, girl, June 16.

GIVAN, Tamarie and Kevin, Spanish Fork, girl, June 14.

HAMMOND, Emma and Raymond, Provo, girl, June 15.

HAUN, Caleen and Dustin, Spanish Fork, twin boys, June 15.

HUFFMAN, Tina and Richard, Orem, boy, June 14.

JESSEN, Johanna and Kevin, Springville, girl, June 16.

JORGENSEN, Kellie and David, Provo, boy, June 13.

JUDD, Jenie, and HATFIELD, Van, Provo, girl, June 16.

KAAIHUE, Natalie and Joemaka, Orem, girl, June 14.

LARSEN, Robyn and Kent, Provo, girl, June 15.

LeMONE, Kathryn and Bryson, Provo, boy, June 16.

LEWIS, Laurie and Kyle, Springville, boy, June 16.

MITCHELL, Kathleen and Johnny, Provo, girl, June 14.

MORGAN, Amy and Jaylan, Orem, girl, June 14.

MYERS, Shelley and Michael, Provo, boy, June 13.

PAGE, Miwa and Jared, Orem, girl, June 13.

PEARSON, Leesa and Bruce, Payson, boy, June 14.

RUSSELL, Carrieann and James, Spanish Fork, boy, June 14.

SHUMWAY, Kathy and Jeffrey, Provo, boy, June 13.

SMITH, Sandra and Joseph, Provo, boy, June 13.

SYRETT, Cherish and Bryce, Bryce Canyon, boy, June 14.

TRIPP, Megan and Justin, Provo, girl, June 14.

TURNER, Julia and David, Pleasant Grove, boy, June 14.

WARDROP, Sheryl and Lon, Provo, boy, June 13.

WOMACK, Jaclynn and Daniel, Provo, boy, June 15.