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Hail teens for speaking out

I must admit I was surprised by the belittling opinion voiced against a high school student's recent editorial about Lake Powell. Though I agree that decommissioning the Glen Canyon Dam at this point would be a mistake, I'm disappointed by the lack of intelligence displayed in the discussion of the subject matter.

The attack on the author was uncalled for. Being in high school does not lower one's ability to have an opinion or to be able to think in a mature manner. High school students who voluntarily involve themselves on important issues should be praised, not mocked.Furthermore, it is customary when one presents a rebuttal to include something that backs up one's point. For instance, if someone claimed that the value of the electricity generated by the Glen Canyon dam was of small value, you could refute this by showing some data indicating that the electricity has great value. For this matter to be resolved, it would be of some worth to have some actual figures to discuss instead of continuing arguments without supporting data.

I do feel that this is an important issue and worthy of discussion. Though I'm an "environmentalist," I do not believe that the dam should be decommissioned. I have studied the situation and drawn my personal conclusion. I feel open, educated discussion on the subject ought to take place.

Russell D. Carroll