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Ban all handguns in U.S.

For years I have been reading the pros and cons about handguns. May I suggest a simple, logical and practical solution to the problem? Pattern our solution based upon the success found in other nations. Examine the records of countries that have banned handguns, namely Japan, Great Britain, Canada. In 1996, there were 15 handgun-caused deaths in Japan, 30 in Great Britain and 106 in Canada compared to 9,390 in the United States.

We need the courage of leaders to propose and support a ban of all handguns and assault weapons of every kind, then enforce strict laws of automatic five years imprisonment for possession of these weapons and automatic execution if guns are used in killing people. The expected results will take a little time but will be dramatic. It will not only save thousands of lives but millions of dollars. Citizens will be allowed to keep rifles and shotguns for hunting.U.S. World Report of July 1, 1996, stated, "The cost connected with handgun accidents are $20 billion per year in the United States. The majority of gunshot victims are on public assistance or uninsured. We pay the bill." It is interesting to note that having handguns in the home increases the incidents of death by 2.7 times (Deseret News, March 1996).

Recently Marilyn Karras, a newspaper columnist, wrote: "There is no practical or recreational use for handguns or assault weapons. Their purpose is to kill and people are their primary targets." Molly Ivins, news analyst, aptly put it, "There is no rational arguments for guns in this society." I agree with both comments.

Undoubtedly, there will be opposition by gun lobbyists, but it is a just and a right cause.

Nephi Evenson

St. George