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Rock on . . . . Touching all the bases

Things you do for love -- Love overcomes all. Even blood rivalries.

BYU quarterback Brandon Doman is getting married, but that's not news. What is news is that his reception is next week in the stadium tower at Rice-Eccles Stadium, home of the Utes.When Doman's fiancee first mentioned holding the reception in the very heart of BYU's archrival, he thought: "Is this a trick question?"

On second thought, he agreed.

And if that's not lovin' me, then all I gotta saaaaay . . .

Cutting edge -- You have to admit, Frank Layden is a man ahead of the curve.

When Layden quit as Jazz coach in 1988, he surprised everyone by walking away in midseason. It happened again this week when he quit the Starzz job.

Layden seems to have figured out what Larry Brown did years ago: quit before someone thinks up a reason to fire you.

Crowded at the top -- Val Hale is a good choice for the BYU athletics job. He has the experience and talent. But he needs to remember Rule No. 1 when working at BYU: When you're a boss, you're not really the boss. There's (ITAL)always(ROMAN) someone to answer to, further up the food chain.

Good luck to Hale -- and a cast of thousands.

Put me in, Coach -- Lost in the shuffling was the appointment of longtime baseball coach Gary Pullins as assistant athletic director. Pullins is an all-time classic.

I don't know how he is as an athletics administrator, but he ought to be a breath of fresh air. Not everyone at BYU goes around campus singing John Fogerty's "Centerfield."

Student-athlete -- Weber State basketball star Harold Arceneaux declared himself eligible for the NBA draft last spring but a few weeks later withdrew his name. The reason: He didn't realize if you get drafted you're ineligible to return to college ball.

Arceneaux originally thought you could back out of NBA plans after seeing who drafted you. But a player can only renege prior to the draft and only if he hasn't signed with an agent.

I'm not sure how Arceneaux is as a student, but I do know this: He's not much on homework.

Nonstop -- The Jazz's Bryon Russell got a change of pace this week when he appeared as guest first-base coach for the Salt Lake Buzz. I figure the job wasn't hard. When you play for Jerry Sloan, there's only one speed to remember: all out.

I'm guessing all runners had the green light.

The party's over -- not! -- Because the Utah Starzz will be playing at the Delta Center on June 30, the Jazz are having a modified draft party this year. Team officials will meet privately in a draft room -- rather than on a stage at center court -- and announce their first-round pick prior to the Starzz tipoff at 8 p.m. Doors open at 4:30 and the first round will be broadcast on the Jumbotron.

Oh, good. I was worried I would never again get the chance to sit around for two hours waiting for them to draft Martin Muursepp.