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The Great Little Closet Co. is now a major force in organizer market

OREM -- Through a move and a merger, the Great Little Closet Co. has organized itself into one of the foremost closet organizer businesses in Utah.

Having grown 25 percent each year during the past six years, this Orem company merged with Closet and Cabinet Magic of Salt Lake City in April, giving the Great Little Closet Co. the ability to produce and install a full range of closet organizers."The merger probably makes us the largest closet organizing company in the state," said Brent Anderson, vice president of the Great Little Closet Co.

In March, the company moved from its former 2,500-square-foot facility to its current 6,400-square-foot facility at 165 N. 1330 West. The move increased the company's production space dramatically as well as allowed space for a showroom exhibiting the company's line of products.

Anderson said the two companies had been collaborating for a while, with the Great Little Closet Co. getting help from Closet and Cabinet Magic for jobs it couldn't handle. "We had been friendly competitors to Closet and Cabinet Magic for as long as it had been around," Anderson said, adding there was a high degree of trust between the owners.

Neither company could offer a complete line of closet organizers; each had strengths the other lacked. The merger allowed the Great Little Closet Co. to offer a full range of products as well as experience benefits such as lower administrative costs.

The company offers four product lines that can serve the needs of builders of custom homes, production builders who build many of the same homes each year and homeowners who are remodeling or simply seeking to add more usable space in their closets.

"We continue to grow. We are operating a level above what the two (companies) were operating at a year ago," Anderson said.

The Great Little Closet Co. also has an office and showroom in St. George. "We do projects from Logan to St. George, from Tooele to Kamas," Anderson said.

Of the 13 homes with closet organizers in the 1998 Utah Valley Home Builders Association Parade of Homes, 12 featured products from the Great Little Closet Co., he said.

The systems offered by the Great Little Closet Co. can increase usable space in a closet by 50 percent or more, Anderson said. Although the company does business with many builders, its designers will work with homeowners as well to do free designs of what could be done with their closets.

"Everything we do is so simple," Anderson said. "This is not rocket science. What it is is a very deep understanding that there are a few things you can do to make the best of your storage spaces."

The company's products include ventilated steel, which is less expensive than installing particleboard and allows more air circulation, Anderson said. Customers can purchase just ventilated steel shelving or augment it with shelving made of Melamine, a high-pressure laminate on a dense composite wood.

Higher-end shelving systems are the SQM line, which is made of Melamine and comes in a wide variety of colors, and the Profile line, which is all Melamine but also features rounded corners and contoured drawer fronts.

"Nobody else in the state does the same full range of applications that we do," Anderson said. Depending on what the customer wants, prices can range from a couple of hundred to several thousand dollars.

"Our business strategy is to be the premier closet organizing company in the state," Anderson said.

Anderson's partners in the business are Dave Sherwin, founder of the Great Little Closet Co., and Jon Hewett, founder of Closet and Cabinet Magic.

For more information, call the Great Little Closet Co. at 226-6164 or check out its Web site at