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Leavitt aims to boost use of digital signatures

Gov. Mike Leavitt has asked executives from Utah's high-tech companies to help jump-start the use of digital signatures to get the new technology on its feet.

Utah led the nation with state legislation facilitating the use of digital signatures -- technology to verify the authenticity of official and business documents transmitted from place to place electronically.The use of digital signatures "is not gathering as much momentum as I thought it would or that I think it will in the future," Leavitt said Wednesday at a technology summit at Thanksgiving Point.

Leavitt gave his audience a "take-home assignment," asking technology-company leaders to search out ways to use digital signatures in their businesses. Digital signature technology will save government and businesses money when it becomes more ubiquitous, he said. To get to that point, "Many of us in our businesses need to accept it and encourage its use."