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Elvis Costello speaks his mind on musicians and a biography

Here are Elvis Costello's rapid-fire thoughts on a few subjects:

-- On working with other big-name musicians: "It might seem as if I had a secret list somewhere with these names on it and I've been tracking my way through it, but really, everything that has happened to me is just that one thing has led to another -- a chance encounter, becoming acquainted with somebody and then becoming friends and then finding a way to work together. ..."I don't really have an ambition to do any particular thing. I just know my curiosity will lead me somewhere, and I will end up working in certain circumstances, and I will need allies in that endeavor."

-- On the recent unauthorized biography, "Elvis Costello" by Tony Clayton-Lea: "I feel sorry for the trees. I haven't finished half living yet, so I can't see how there can be a biography yet."