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Report says American's pilots have dozed off while flying

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Some pilots for American Airlines have dozed off while flying their passenger jets, according to a report published Friday.

Union documents obtained by USA Today say the company's policy on rest forces some pilots to fly without adequate sleep.In one of the alleged incidents, an unidentified pilot was unexpectedly called to work last year to fly to Central America.

The pilot says he "faded fast" while cruising over Mexico.

"When I woke up, I looked over at the captain. He was sound asleep. I estimate we were both asleep for 30 minutes," the pilot says in the report prepared by the Allied Pilots Association and sent to American.

A spokesman for the airlines, Chris Chiames, told the newspaper the union claims are "complete nonsense."

Incidents like those included in the union documents will be investigated by the Federal Aviation Administration in a review of American's flight operations. The probe was prompted by the airline's June 1 crash in Little Rock, Ark., FAA spokesman Paul Turk said.

The National Transportation Safety Board is also looking at possible pilot fatigue. The flight crew of the jet had worked more than 13 hours before the fatal crash.