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The music world is evidently feeling euphoric these days

Def Leppard is trying to make a comeback. It's returned to its '80s anthemic rock sound. And the new album is called "Euphoria."

Now is the right time to buy it. But beware, you Def Lep fans. In a few months, there will be more "Euphoria" titled albums.The first is a band called Euphoria. Its colorful lineup is composed of founder Ken Ramm, Art of Noise's Anne Dudley, Soft Machine's Roy Babbington, Geddy Lee from Rush, and gospel vocalist Juliette Roberts. Euphoria's album is in the record stores now.

But wait, there's more.

The long-awaited solo album from Chris Cornell, the former lead singer for Soundgarden, is due out in September. Its title: "Sweet Euphoria."

It appears that there are many happy musicians recording albums this year.

-- WE WANT TO TAKE YOU HIGHER: Limp Bizkit has taken a tip from the Beatles. The Florida-based hard core band has decided to tour rooftops.

The first gig occurred in Boston, a week ago, when the Bizkits played on the top floor of a parking garage near Fenway Park. In Detroit, Mich., the band's set was cut short after Bizkit made a high-rise appearance in the city's Royal Oak section.

The band regrouped at a Pontiac, Mich., club to finish off the set.

Limp Bizkit has been dropping hints to its fans on where to catch it throughout this legally challenged tour.

"It's like an Easter egg hunt," said singer Fred Durst to MTV News.

The band wrapped up its rooftop tour by playing on the rafters of a studio owned by Ministry's Al Jourgenson.

About 5,000 fans crowded on fenced-in street below. Since it was on private property, the police didn't shut it down.

Good thing this was the last stop of the tour. Bizkit could've been caught by the police and ended up doing a Blues Brothers and playing Joliet.

-- BLOCK IT OFF: Speaking of Def Leppard and clandestine gigs, fans of the British pomp rock band took to the streets, literally.

When singer Joe Elliott and the boys played a local Wal-Mart, about 8,000 fans stopped by to have a listen. To accommodate the crowd, police had to block off traffic in front of the store for five miles, both ways. Talk about a traffic "jam."

-- REST EASY: Former Redd Kross guitarist Eddie Kurdziel, who also worked with Belinda Carlisle, and former Wailer Junior Braithwaite, passed away this month.

Kurdziel apparently succumbed to an overdose in his Los Angeles apartment on June 7. He was 38.

Braithwaite, 47, was shot and killed while visiting a friend in the Duhaney Park section of Kingston, Jamaica, on June 2. His friend, Lawrence "Chadda" Scott, 49, was also shot and killed.

-- WHY? MC5 and the New York Dolls think mass murderer Charles Manson is cool. So cool, that different band members are getting together to re-create the infamous murders that Manson and his ghouls carried out on Aug. 9, 1969. Actress Sharon Tate was among the fatalities.

In addition to the Dolls and MC5 members, who will pose as late Tate and late Leno LaBianca, among others, Tool's Maynard Keenan will be photographed as Manson.

This disgusting stunt is to be made into a photo exhibit for Hollywood's Zeron One Gallery. The photographer is Geoffery Cordner.

It's sad to say, but, undoubtedly, this display will have a ton of patrons.