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Utah man is accused of kidnapping his mom

STOCKTON, Calif. (AP) -- A Utah man is accused of abducting his mother from a nursing home where she was placed by his estranged half-sister.

Gene Allen, 41, was charged with felony kidnapping and residential burglary after allegedly dragging his mother from a Stockton nursing home into a waiting van on June 12.Authorities said the charges filed Wednesday in San Joaquin County Superior Court ensure that the FBI will join the search for Gladys Hadley, 67.

Family members said Allen rescued Hadley from the Valley Gardens Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center.

Tina Winkelmann, who placed her mother there last month, said she has not seen or heard from her since the alleged kidnapping.

"Gene is the spontaneous type. I don't think he had any intention of breaking the law," said his brother, Brooks Allen.

Hadley is being shuttled through a network of friends and relatives in the Salt Lake area, said Julie Hadley, her youngest daughter.

The FBI now must actively search for Hadley if she is not immediately returned to Winkelmann, who has legal responsibility for her, said San Joaquin County Deputy District Attorney Stephen Taylor.

Allen, who would not say where his mother is, said he was willing to turn himself in.

"I don't feel that I did anything wrong," he said. "I'm not a mama's boy, but I have never questioned my mother. When she said she wanted to leave, I helped her leave."

Tina Winkelmann, of Manteca, Calif., came to Salt Lake City in September and found Hadley "living in filthy conditions, there were bugs all over and the smell was so bad that I about threw up and was dry heaving.

"Nobody was taking care of her," she said.

She said she later found out that her mother suffered from dementia and had the mind of an 8-year-old. After they decided to allow Hadley to live at their Manteca, Calif., home in September, Tina and her husband, Robert, applied for and received legal conservatorship over the woman.

After she wandered away from the Winkelmanns' home several times, the couple decided three weeks ago to place her in the Valley Gardens Healthcare and Rehabilitation in Stockton over the objections of Hadley's other 10 children.

Allen said he decided to retrieve his mother after he heard from family members that she had threatened to commit suicide if she were placed in a nursing home. Winkelmann, however, said she never heard her mother make that threat.