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Why let gays teach sex?

Should parents of schoolkids be asked to form an opinion in regards to school-based homosexual support groups without accurate and valid information? Have you not noticed that it's the homosexual community providing answers to issues that have been raised by them? Has their information been corroborated by any unbiased and respected research organizations?

Any advocate of the acceptance of homosexuality should be willing to respond freely to the questions of parents. Perhaps the following could serve as a guide for concerned parents:1. If the discrimination claims of the homosexuals have merit, why must they hoist themselves upon the shoulders of minorities and into the wheelchairs of the handicapped for the sole purpose of being carried by the history of the less fortunate?

2. In these support groups, it's the role of the psychologist/psychotherapist to change thinking and behavior. If someone of this discipline is to participate in a support group, how will the thinking and behavior of kids be changed? What materials will be used, and will it be available for parental inspection? What will be the outcome of the program?

3. A recent report in a professional psychology publication (The Bulletin) suggested that "inter-generational" sex (between gay men and young boys) may not be harmful and that the child's gay lover should be welcomed into the home as part of the family. Will the gay community refute that report?

If a family were to discover their child had an interest in drugs, they'd be unlikely to refer the child to the local street-corner drug junkie. Why then, would a parent permit a child with questions about sexuality to be influenced by a special interest group using the schools to recruit the next generation of homosexual partners?

Jack W. Pace

Lincoln, R.I.