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Kudos on KSL feature

We applaud KSL Television for their recent program commemorating 50 years of service. We especially liked the scene of Welti, James and Nourse "out, standing in the field." It brought back many memories, some of them from BTV (before TV). I remember when the Tabernacle Choir program and KSL changed from NBC to the CBS radio network. Three men from that era deserve special mention:

Earl J. Glade, manager of KSL Radio and announcer of the program Sunday Evening on Temple Square. I considered him to have the perfect radio voice.Richard L. Evans, long-time voice of Music and the Spoken Word, the Tabernacle Choir program.

Arch Madsen, a KSL engineer who became head of Bonneville International, owned KSL and many other stations and organizations. These men, all associated with KSL, were outstanding in their fields.

Lamont M. Jensen

Salt Lake City